Moving beyond cookie-cutter

Wellfleet Rx is the college health market’s only student-focused pharmacy solution. See how we’re changing the game with an exclusive plan built around students’ budgets, lives, and clinical needs.

Why a Student-Focused Pharmacy Solution?

Since 1993, Wellfleet has provided health insurance solutions to colleges and universities across the U.S. In our first quarter century-plus, it’s safe to say we’ve learned a thing or two. 

Originally launched in 2018, the development of Wellfleet Rx addresses a problem we’ve identified in the market. We know that college students utilize their health plans differently than the rest of the population — and we’ve built plans exclusively for them. That’s why we’ve partnered with Express Scripts to develop the only pharmacy solution built exclusively for the college student population.

Wellfleet believes that by engaging students in their health plans, they’ll lead healthier lives and become better lifelong consumers of healthcare. Wellfleet Rx works to further this mission by helping students Be Empowered by, Engaged in, and Educated about their prescription plans.


With more than 40 free drugs, incentives to steer students away from high-cost generics, and controls to prevent opioid abuse and misuse, the Wellfleet Rx Student Formulary is taking college health to the next frontier.

Core principles of the Student Formulary


Driving forth our mission to engage students in their health and educate on the use of cost-effective medications


Designed with the student in mind & focused on managing to the utilization of our unique member population


Continuous enhancements are made to based on market trends, conditions & symptoms faced by students, and usage


The Wellfleet Rx mission is to move beyond the cookie-cutter approach to pharmacy care and build a pharmacy solution for the college health space that aligns with students’ budgets, lives, and clinical needs. As an insurance provider specializing in student health, we’re uniquely qualified to bring this idea to the industry. 

We’ve developed a solution that accompanies plans from Wellfleet Student, which offer student-focused features, tools, and resources. With our new student formulary*, offering students more than 40 drugs and devices with a $0.00 copay, we’re taking control of and optimizing the pharmacy experience for our members. 

*The Wellfleet Rx Student Formulary is proprietary to Wellfleet Group, LLC and protected by applicable copyright, trademark, and trade secrets laws. Information contained therein may not be published, distributed, or reproduced, in part or whole, without express written consent of Wellfleet Group, LLC.

With Wellfleet Rx, we’ve taken control of our members’ pharmacy care. By taking the lead role in the management of their pharmacy benefits, we can ensure costs, access, and preferences are always geared towards this unique population. We consistently optimize formulary and plan features based on utilization data to further improve the care provided to our student members.

Since 1993, we’ve tailored our products and services based on client and member feedback. Wellfleet Rx offers low costs, special programs, and user-friendly tools designed exclusively for college students. Our continuous improvement cycle based on student utilization results in additional features and optimizations annually, including the industry’s first and only student formulary.

We’re not happy unless our members are happy. To that end, we’ve included a number of quality-driven features to Wellfleet Rx prescription plans. From in-depth clinical programs to ensuring members receive only the most appropriate and cost-effective prescriptions for their conditions, Wellfleet Rx maintains a focus on providing a positive user experience for all student members.

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