Accessing your pharmacy benefits is easy

Register your account on the Wellfleet Rx Member Portal

We recommend registering on the mobile-friendly Wellfleet Rx Member portal by clicking here and choosing "Register".

Registering will give you access to personal pharmacy benefit and drug coverage information. You may need to enter information that will help to identify you, including your name, member ID from your insurance ID card, and your birth date.  Once you are registered, you will have access to a number of tools that will allow you to:

• View your copay amounts and other pharmacy benefit information
• Make informed drug choices and compare drug prices
• Search drugs, check drug interactions, and identify pills
• View the status of your prior authorization requests (only available for Wellfleet Rx/KPP members)
• Find a participating pharmacy near you
• Print your drug history for a physician visit or tax reporting

Find a participating pharmacy

• Wellfleet Rx members have access to more than 63,000 participating pharmacies nationwide.

• Once you sign into your account it’s easy to find a pharmacy that is part of your pharmacy network. Click on the Find a Pharmacy link found in the Prescriptions drop down menu, enter in your zip code, city, or state and click search. A list will display with nearby in-network pharmacies with address and contact details – location information also displays in Google Maps.

• Alternatively, you can contact Wellfleet Rx at the number on your ID card for assistance.

Determine if your prescribed medication is covered and compare drug costs

• A formulary is a list of prescription drugs may be covered by a PBM or health plan. Your formulary provides detailed information on what drugs may be covered, but actual coverage is based on your plan design and whether limitations and requirements have been met. Limitations and requirements are noted within the formulary. Refer to your plan documents for applicable coverage exclusions.

•Once you log in to your account, you can see if a medicine is covered by your pharmacy benefit by clicking on the Price a Medication link found in the menu bar. Price a Medication will tell you the formulary status of each drug, and it will allow you to see if there are other drugs in a certain drug class that may be available for a lower cost. Price a Medication also can provide you with a cost estimate for a certain drug.

• There may be additional limits on certain drugs, even when they are covered by your plan. These rules may include the amount you can fill at one time (quantity limit), a maximum age for receiving a drug, or the gender of a person taking the drug. Other rules may add additional steps to see if you qualify for approval, such as prior authorization or step therapy.

• These are recommended steps to take to learn about your prescription drug benefit and prevent avoidable delays at the pharmacy.  However, you will not need to register online or call Wellfleet Rx to fill prescriptions.  Visit the FAQ page for more helpful information.

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