Finally, a pharmacy solution for college students.

Wellfleet Rx is a specialized pharmacy benefits solution from Wellfleet, an innovative provider of insurance solutions. 

As Wellfleet’s student arm, Wellfleet Student believes that by engaging students in their health plans, they’ll lead healthier lives and become better lifelong consumers of healthcare. Wellfleet Rx works to further this mission by helping students Be Empowered by, Engaged in, and Educated about their prescription plans.

One of four Wellfleet brand lines, Wellfleet Rx helps us achieve our mission of protecting people against risk throughout every stage of life — ensuring pharmacy needs are covered via customized and member-driven benefits.

To deliver Wellfleet Rx, we’ve partnered with Express Scripts. Combining the large pharmacy footprint with our extensive experience in insurance administration, we’ve developed the only pharmacy solution built exclusively for the college student population.

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